Top 10 Tourist Places in Kerala: Immerse Yourself in the God’s Own Country


Kerala, bathed in the emerald embrace of the Western Ghats and caressed by the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, truly lives up to its moniker – God’s Own Country. From verdant hill stations draped in mist to serene backwaters pulsating with life, Kerala offers an unparalleled tapestry of experiences for every traveler. Let’s delve deeper into 10 must-visit gems that await you in this captivating land:



1. Munnar: Where Tranquility Reigns Supreme:

Nestled amidst rolling hills carpeted with emerald tea plantations, Munnar offers a picture-perfect escape. Hike through verdant trails, soak in panoramic vistas from Echo Point, or embark on a scenic boat ride on Kundala Lake, its mirror-like surface reflecting the grandeur of the surrounding mountains. As the sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink at Top Station, witness a spectacle that will leave you spellbound.






2. Alleppey: Unveiling the Backwaters’ Enchanting Embrace: Glide through the tranquil labyrinth of Alleppey’s backwaters aboard a traditional houseboat. Witness quaint villages come alive, observe lush coconut groves sway gently in the breeze, and soak in the vibrant tapestry of local life. Savor delectable Kerala cuisine prepared onboard, adding a touch of culinary delight to your backwater odyssey.







3. Kovalam: A Beach Paradise Tailored for Every Soul: Bask under the warm Kerala sun on the pristine shores of Kovalam. Choose your haven – Lighthouse Beach for adventure sports, Hawah Beach for serene relaxation, or Samudra Beach for its bustling markets. Indulge in surfing lessons, unwind with yoga sessions on the golden sand, or simply relish the mesmerizing sunsets painting the sky in fiery hues.






4. Kumarakom: Where Nature’s Symphony Unfolds: Nestled on the banks of Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom beckons with its serene backwaters and vibrant birdlife. Glide through emerald canals aboard a houseboat, explore bird sanctuaries teeming with colorful avian residents, and unwind in tranquility at an Ayurvedic spa. Immerse yourself in the warmth of local hospitality and experience the gentle rhythm of life in this haven of nature.






5. Thekkady: A Rendezvous with the Wild: Embark on a thrilling expedition into the heart of Periyar National Park, Thekkady. Take a boat safari on the lake, keeping your eyes peeled for majestic tigers and playful elephants in their natural habitat. Hike through dense forests teeming with diverse flora and fauna, and listen to the symphony of nature unfold around you.







6. Wayanad: Unveiling the Hill Station’s Lush Embrace: Escape to the verdant haven of Wayanad, where rolling hills draped in emerald embrace you. Chase cascading waterfalls like Soochipara and Meenmutty, delve into the mysteries of ancient caves like Edakkal, and visit tribal settlements to experience their unique culture and traditions. This verdant haven promises an unforgettable rendezvous with nature.





7. Varkala: Where Bohemian Charm Meets Tranquility: Discover the laid-back charm of Varkala, where clifftop cafes offer breathtaking views and the golden sand beckons with its warmth. Take yoga or meditation classes to find inner peace, indulge in water sports for an adrenaline rush, or simply relax on the beach as the sun paints the sky in vibrant hues. Unwind in this haven where bohemian vibes meet laid-back charm.






8. Thrissur: Immerse Yourself in a Cultural Kaleidoscope: Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Thrissur, renowned for its electrifying festivals. Witness the spectacle of Thrissur Pooram, a riot of colors, percussion, and majestic elephants. Explore historical gems like Vadakkumnathan Temple and savor local delicacies like banana chips, relishing the essence of Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.






9. Fort Kochi: Whispers of History in a Colonial Enclave: Step back in time at Fort Kochi, a charming town where Portuguese and Dutch influences intertwine. Stroll down quaint streets lined with heritage buildings, explore the historic St. Francis Church, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of the Jew Town. Let the whispers of history transport you to a bygone era as you explore this captivating enclave.






10. Kannur: Unveiling the Spice Route’s Legacy: Uncover the rich history of Kannur, a significant port on the ancient spice route. Explore the imposing St. Angelo Fort and Ezhimala Fort, remnants of a glorious past. Immerse yourself in the unique ritualistic art form of Theyyam at the museum, stroll along the scenic Payyambalam beach, and lose yourself in the fragrant embrace of the spice markets, carrying home a piece of Kerala’s unique heritage




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